How To Shortout Of Roaches

Natural Roach Repellant: Vinegar

Because vinegar is such a potent cleaning agent, any house cleaned with a water and vinegar solution will automatically discourage cockroaches from setting up shop inside.

Cockroaches are discouraged by the smell of vinegar, as well as the fact that this solution will disinfect surfaces and dull the scent of food or drink spills.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Baking soda is a popular leavening agent in breads and baked goods, helping to ferment the dough and expand it during the baking process.

When eaten by a cockroach, the same process takes place. However, when it happens inside a cockroach’s body, the effect spells out death to the pest.

Essentially, a cockroach that eats baking soda will expand from the inside-out, eventually bloating so much that it keels over.

To lure a cockroach to eat baking soda in your home, simply mix it with sugar and deposit small piles of the powder around cracks and crevices in your home, or wherever you’ve seen cockroaches in the past.

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Citrus Juice Repellent

Lemon and lime juices are another scent which serve as an irritant to the cockroach. Because of their overbearing smells, cockroaches will be deterred in homes that smell strongly of lemon or lime. This is actually one of the reasons that so many household cleaners use a lemon scent!

Here’s how you can make it work for you: if you’re not already using a lemon-scented cleaner, you can make your own repellent by mixing pure lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and spraying clean areas of your home.

Not Bleach

Occasionally, people will turn to their cleaning closet for cheap quick solutions to kill roaches. Bleach is a popular solution in most homes and constantly comes up as a question. Can bleach kill roaches? We recommend avoiding it. Checkout out guide here for more information on why.

Our 4 Pronged Approach To Killing Roaches Fast

Cockroaches may be disgusting, but they are thankfully one of the more “beatable” pests you could have (unlike bed bugs).

Here at Pest Strategies, we’ve developed a four pronged approach to defeating cockroaches. Each “prong” if apart of an overall strategy you should deploy.

Using professionally-developed chemical cleaners will always be the best way to get rid of cockroaches.

While there are a few different types of chemicals that work in different ways, we recommend that you maximize the effectiveness by combining all three.

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Take a look below to see what the best chemicals are, and how you can use them.

Prong #1: Using Roach Traps

The first prong in our four pronged roach killing strategy includes cockroach traps.

Roach traps provide for a very easy way to monitor and locate the source of your infestation.

The idea is simple…

Buy a number of roach traps and place them in potential areas of roach infesation. These areas include:

  • In or around cracks and crevices of your house
  • Underneath refrigerators or sinks
  • On top or inside of shelves where they would be left undisturbed
  • In the corners of your kitchen (area with food) and basement (dark area)
  • Any other area where you suspect roaches might be hanging out

Once you’ve deployed your traps, just wait for a bit for some of them to start catching. This will help you decide where to start spraying (prong #2).

Prong #2: Using Roach Sprays

The second prong in our strategy requires the use of roach sprays.

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After you’ve deployed your traps, you should have some idea where they are coming from and can strategically spray places in your home to reduce the infestation.

Remember however, a spray acts more like a barrier and an instant contact killer. If used incorrectly, you could end up making your infestation worse by spreading out the colony into new parts of your home (this is bad).

The best use of sprays is clear out the insides of walls (wall voids) and the hard to reach crevices.

Ideally, you would have already deployed cockroach baits (prong #3) to help drive the remaining roaches to spread the poison throughout their nests.

Sprays work because cockroaches have millions of small holes throughout their bodies, which can immediately become susceptible to an insecticide that’s been sprayed in an certain area.

Roach spray works to quickly irritate and short-circuit a cockroach’s central nervous system, leading to death. The active ingredient for most sprays is pyrethoid, which stems from chrysanthemum flowers in the wild.

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When you’ve deployed roach traps and have begun to spray in hard to reach crevices of your home, you can move onto prong #3 and prong #4 of our 4-part strategy.

Prong #3: Using Roach Baits

Roach baits are the 3rd prong in our strategy because by now you should have a good sense of where your infestation is hanging out (via the traps).

The baits should be placed in such a way where the roaches can get to them and bring the bait back to the nest with the remaining roaches.

By using a chemical roach bait, your roach is lured by to the bait via an attractive scent that contains insecticide.

This method of killing a cockroach is often a slower process than using a roach spray, as the insecticides contained in the bait are in smaller portions, as not to overpower the attractant.

The upside of using a bait is that it’s pre-mixed and ready to be set around commonly-infested areas of your home. Simply leave a few baits sitting in dark spots where you found the traps to be working, and you should be sweeping up dead cockroaches within a few days.

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After you’ve seen some success with the baiting, you should also be deploying IGR or Insect Growth Regulator according to the 4th and last prong on our list.

Prong#4: Using Insect Growth Regulators

The one downside of both cockroach sprays and cockroach baits is that they’re usually only effective on mature cockroaches.

This is where an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) steps in.

Cockroaches lay eggs in white clusters which can be nearly indestructible, glued to a surface and glazed with a protective casing.

An insect growth regulator works as roach baby birth control an makes it difficult if not impossible for roaches to reproduce stopping the lifecycle and your infestation.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles

. If you have dark circles from thin skin, use a retinoid.
“With repeated use, retinol can stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin less thin and improving the dark circles. They are easy to find at the drugstore,” says Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist in New York City. “Retinoids help rebuild dermal collagen and thereby contribute to vascular support in the area and the recovery of skin volume and firmness,” adds Patricia Ceballos, a dermatologist in New Rochelle, New York.RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream
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2. Sleep on your back and use an extra pillow.
“If dark, puffy [bags under your eyes] seem to be the morning problem, consider sleeping on your back with an extra pillow so that fluid doesn’t pool overnight. Keeping your pillow protected from allergens (dust and dust mites) with a protective encasement can also help when allergies are the culprit,” says Rebecca Tung, a dermatologist in La Grange Park, Illinois.

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3. If you have dark circles because of increased pigment, use lightening products and sunscreen.
“Sometimes dark circles are caused by increased pigment, either from rubbing or from sun damage,” says Nazarian. “The best treatment for this includes topical lightening agents such as vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice extract. These ingredients help decrease skin pigmentation over time, ultimately resulting in the lightening of the dark circles.” And you must wear sunscreen. “Invest in a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide,” Tung says.

4. Take an antihistamine.
“Most people have darkness under the eyes due to allergies and don’t realize it. An antihistamine helps clear that up; I like to take a Zyrtec at night,” says Kavita Mariwalla, a dermatologist in West Islip, New York.
5. Try Preparation H — yes, really.
“Prep H causes blood vessels on muscle walls to constrict. This will give a slightly longer-lasting effect than putting cucumbers on your eyes but may be irritating for some people. I would only use this for special events,” says Annie Chiu, a dermatologist in North Redondo Beach, California.

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6. Be gentle with your makeup remover.
“Consider your under-eyes as sensitive skin even if you may not necessarily have sensitive skin. Undereye skin is among the thinnest on the body, so any trauma or irritation can cause skin inflammation,” says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “If you are using a towelette, try one that is fragrance-free, like Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, and take gentle strokes in a single direction rather than rubbing back and forth.”

7. Sleep more, or at least get more restful sleep.

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“The cheapest way to reduce the appearance of undereye bags is to get on a regular sleep routine of seven to eight hours per day. And don’t drink alcohol a few hours before bedtime,” advises Chiu.
8. Try tea bags.
“Caffeinated tea, which contains natural tannins, is a mild diuretic and long used by grandmothers and runway models for reducing eye puffiness. Soak two tea bags in warm water, then chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh and look brighter,” says Karen Hammerman, a dermatologist in New York City.

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9. Cool down.
If you need to minimize the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags STAT, cooling down the area is one solution. Cucumber slices, potato slices, gel eye masks, cold wash rags and even cold spoons can do the trick. Whatever you choose, leave it on for ten to twenty minutes and give it a chance to really soothe the skin under surrounding your eyes. Applying something cool to your eyes is especially effective at reducing constricting swollen under-eye blood vessels.

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10. Avoid excess salt in your diet.
It’s common knowledge that sodium can cause you to retain water, but did you know the bloat sodium causes in the body can also cause puffiness under your eyes? Yep — you can retain water even under your eyes. Ridding your diet of excess sodium can help combat bags under your eyes. Your eyes will thank you for cutting back on salt.